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Community Bible Church
424 Lakewood Rd.
Neptune, NJ 07753

Morning Worship 10:30 AM
Adult Bible Class
Mid-Sep to Mid-Jun 9:15 AM

Prayer 7:15 PM


At Community Bible Church our overarching purpose is to glorify God in our love and service for Jesus Christ and others. We believe that all people were created by God for the purpose of glorifying their Creator. Therefore our every effort is toward that end.


We seek to carry out our purpose statement through a fourfold set of goals which include a devotion to, 1. The understanding and propagation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, 2. one another, 3. worship, 4. prayer. We purposely seek to accomplish each of these goals throughout our ministry endeavors.

Core Values

In a day when pluralism is the ruling philosophy we unapologetically uphold the Bible as the all-sufficient, certain and infallible rule or standard of the knowledge, faith and obedience that constitute salvation. The sixty-six books that make up the Bible are given by the inspiration of God and are to be the rule or standard of faith and life. As the Word of God, the Bible serves as the foundation for everything we do here at CBC.

Since the Bible is the foundation of our knowledge of God and what he expects of his people we place a high value on the clear teaching of the Word of God. Our desire is that those who come here would become thoroughly equipped for every good work.

We believe that it is through hearing the Word of God that people come to a right knowledge of God. Therefore, we place a strong emphasis on reaching all people, both locally and globally, with the gospel of Jesus Christ. We do this through the following:

Financial support for several missionaries and missions organizations around the world who seek to show the love of Christ through word and deed.

Organizing and sending short-term missions teams to work alongside our missionaries, which helps our own vision for seeing the work God is doing around the world.

We also place a strong emphasis on training people right here at CBC in order to equip them to serve:

  • locally, in the context where they work and live
  • as members of our congregation through our various ministries
  • as participants in ministries outside our church which seek to meet people with the gospel of Jesus Christ in the communities around us.